the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

What is a Community Foundation?

Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that prove the most effective. Whilst there is a huge variety of worthy national charities, it is often the local, smaller ones that go unnoticed and miss out on support from their own community.

Community Foundations are registered charities set up to address this issue and bridge this gap in local giving. They are responsible for building endowment funds with donations from both businesses and individuals. The income from these funds is then distributed as grants to good causes within the community.

Working with both donors and potential benefactors, Community Foundations are in a unique position to help create a link between those able to give and those in need. Having developed local knowledge through regular engagement with their community, the Foundations are best placed to ensure that donated funds achieve the biggest possible impact.

Community Foundations are ‘cause neutral’ and so act as an informed and professional channel for the charitable giving of both businesses and individuals in the local community.