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Surviving Winter Kirklees 2020

Your donation will be doubled in value...

Over several years One Community has been operating a 'Surviving Winter Appeal', which has provided much needed funds and support for older people living in Kirklees.

Working with a number of key community partners, the funds we raise will help to provide hot meals; boiler repairs; hot water bottles, fuel top-up cards, and help with utility bills.

Many households in Kirklees live in food or fuel poverty, which is linked to health issues such as cardiovascular problems and depression; and increases the likelihood of social isolation. With the help of Surviving Winter, those in fuel poverty no longer have to face winter alone.

There were an estimated 23,200 excess winter deaths (EWD) which occurred in England and Wales in the 2018 / 2019 winter. Respiratory diseases continued to be the leading cause of deaths.

"Choosing between heating your house, or eating a meal is a choice we shouldn’t have to make. But it’s a reality faced by the millions of people in the UK living in fuel poverty".

This year we are offering match funding to boost the effectiveness of our appeal - any donation you make will be doubled in value up to £2,000. Together, with your help, we can make a real difference; please make a donation to help our older folks...