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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Advice for funded groups

We hope that your funded activity will be able to go ahead as planned. Our aim is to ensure that your work and activities can continue. However, we recognise that depending on how you operate and who you work with, you might need to make some changes to planned activity.

We want to reassure organisations we fund across Kirklees that we will continue to support you through this uncertain time, and that our funding is flexible and intended to help you deal with challenges.

The government guidance you should consider is here:



If activity has to be delayed please let us know in advance if activity is significantly delayed.  Wherever possible, we’ll be happy to extend the grant period and delay the date on which your evaluation is due accordingly.

If activity has to be altered please let us know if you need to alter the activity which you were planning to deliver, finding alternative ways of achieving your intended outcomes. If the changes involve a significant change to your budget, please do contact us before committing to the revised expenditure. Wherever possible, we will look favourably on such change requests.

If activity cannot go ahead and grant money is unspent please let us know as early as possible. We will expect you to return to us any portion of the grant which will not now be spent.

If grant money is spent but doesn’t achieve expected outcomes, we will understand the extenuating circumstances. Again, please do keep us informed. We will expect you to endeavour to achieve the outcomes as planned, but in the circumstances we understand this may not be possible.

We also understand that some costs are fixed, and will be incurred even if you cancel or rearrange activity. So long as you keep us informed, and use your evaluation form to explain why you were not able to deliver the planned activities, or achieve the anticipated outcomes, we will understand.

Office closure From Wednesday18th March onwards our office will be closed until further notice. Staff will be working from home, and will still respond to emails, etc.