the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

The Kirklees General Fund

This fund was established with the support of anonymous local donors these funds have been gifted to One Community Foundation to support general charitable and community activity in Kirklees.

About our funds.

Here at One Community, we have multiple funds that all work to the same quarterly grants panel schedule; this means our panels simultaneously consider the applications.

The funds included are:

  • JL Brierley

  • Hazel Charlesworth

  • Judith & Neil Charlesworth

  • Kirklees Community Fund

  • Stephen Wood

  • Kirklees General Funds

  • Kirklees Police Fund

Please note: each of these funds has a page on our website. However, you can only apply to one of these funds at a time. We recommend you apply using the button at the bottom of this page to apply. Please read the following before applying.

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for up to £1,000.

What we will fund.

Each of these funds has been gifted to One Community Foundation to support general charitable activity in Kirklees.

We can fund a wide range of items, including volunteer expenses, publicity costs, equipment, room hire, materials for activities, contributions to staffing costs etc.  The grants can be used to extend current activities or to introduce new ones.

You will have up to 12 months from your project start date to use your grant.

We do not fund any of the following:

  • Party political activity

  • Promotion of religion

  • Replacement of statutory funding

  • Groups who have not complied with previous monitoring requirements

  • Organisations that support animals

  • For-profit organisations

  • The statutory provision provided by schools and hospitals.

Application Deadline.

See below for the fund application deadlines - you can apply for up to £1,000. Please be aware that it can take up to eight weeks after the closing date before you receive any funding, so please schedule your project to start after that. If you seek a contribution to continue your project, please also add eight weeks from the closing date.

Spring round-    cut off for applications 28th Feb    Decision by/projects to start after 30th April

Summer round- cut off for applications- 31st May Decision by/projects to start after 31st July

Autumn round- cut off for applications- 31st Aug    Decision by/projects to start after 31st Oct

Winter round-   cut off for applications- 31st Oct     Decision by/projects to start after 31st Dec

Closing dates: Please note the rounds open the day after the fund closes.


One Community makes grants to a wide range of organisations. The Foundation is particularly keen to help grassroots community groups and small-to-medium-sized voluntary organisations, and priority will be given to these groups. We do not usually make grants to large local, regional and national charities (this does not apply to national programmes). If in doubt whether your application can be considered, please contact us:

You must have a governing document (constitution, rules, memorandum and articles of association etc.), a governing body of at least three unrelated individuals, and a bank account in your group's name with at least two unrelated signatories. If a school were to apply for support, it would have to demonstrate that the funding request was not a replacement for statutory funding.

All organisations must be based in Kirklees or undertaking project work in Kirklees and be one of the following:

  • Voluntary and community groups

  • Not-for-profit organisations

  • Schools – We would encourage schools to make an application via their PTA. If your school does not have a PTA, we will accept applications directly from the school. We will only activity that is not a statutory provision.

  • Charities (not registered with the Charity Commission)

  • Charities (registered with the Charity Commission)

If you have previously had a grant from One Community Foundation and your project has finished, you will need to have submitted your evaluation form and receipts for the project. If you have outstanding evaluations, we may not be able to fund you. 

What will you need to supply in your application (we call these supporting documents)?

Incomplete applications and applications which are missing the supporting documents required will not be processed; therefore, it is essential to attach the following documents: please note the below must be uploaded to the form.

You will need to upload the following before starting your application. Please note we require these documents even if you have provided them before. 

If you cannot provide ALL of the supporting documents listed, please do not continue with the application. Please contact us first.

Please note incomplete applications and applications which are missing the supporting documents required will not be processed; it is vitally important to attach the documents. 
What's needed:

  • Your governing document. Signed and dated. 

  • Your latest published accounts or if you are a new/small group, please provide projections and/or cash flow. 

  • A document (PDF or Word) with the names and home addresses of your directors, trustees or management committee, you will need to identify who the bank signatories are (they must be unrelated). 

  • A bank statement (no older than 3 months) in your group's name, this must be the same as your name in your constitution. Please use your organisation name exactly as it appears on your bank statement when completing this form. 

  • Quotes for capital items over £500 you wish to purchase with the grant. 

You also need to provide a budget breakdown:

This should be a breakdown of the total project cost, not just the amount you apply to us for. If you are not applying to us for the full project cost, please remember to note how you will raise the additional money required to conduct your project on the budget.

Your budget should be set out as follows – (Please be as detailed as possible).

Example Budget

Staff x 2 @ £10.00ph x 4 hours per week, for ten weeks = £400.00 (We would like the grant to cover this cost)

Volunteer x 10 Petrol costs @ 45p per mile, on average 10 miles per week for ten weeks (£4.50 x 10) = £45.00 x 10 = £450.00 (We would like the grant to cover this cost)


Litter pickers £15.99 each x 10 = £159.99 (We would like the grant to cover £150.09 of this cost, we have fundraised to cover the additional needed).

Rubbish bags £3.50 per roll of bags x 100 rolls = £350.00 (We would like the grant to cover £0 of this cost, we have fundraised to cover the additional needed).

Total project costs £1,359.90

Total Requested £1,000


What happens if you are successful with your application.

  1. We will notify you via email – This email will be generated from our CRM (Salesforce); please check your junk folder. This email will include a link to the online evaluation and monitoring form. This form will become due four weeks after the project end date; it is good to look at the evaluation before starting your application.

This will help you keep track of the data we will require. You will also need to keep all of the receipts associated with the spending of this grant. We will require a receipt for the whole amount of the grant.

If you apply for staff costs, we will still need evidence of this spending; you might provide redacted payroll evidence. We will be checking the rate of pay, hours and number of staff salaries that match with your application.

  1. Your award might have conditions attached; you will need to tell us if you agree to the requirements. All grants will require you to agree to the grant awarded's terms; these may differ depending on the donor/funder.

  2. Your award will be paid into the bank account.

  3. You will be sent an evaluation email reminder four weeks before your project end date; this will contain a reminder of the link to the online evaluation form. This link is unique to your project.

If your application is successful, you will be required to publicly credit support from One Community Foundation, for example, on your social media, on all materials related to the funded work. Successful projects will be required to be available for a potential visit from the funder and participate in case studies (we will not require you to identify any individuals in the case study).




Satisfaction Survey: We are interested to hear your views about our work, and would welcome your feedback. Please click here to participate in a short survey.