the Community Foundation for the people of Kirklees.

Equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality, diversity and inclusion run through much of our work, including in the grants programmes we manage, and in our role as an advocate for the Voluntary Sector.

Kirklees is made up of a broad spectrum of people. Within this spectrum, there are many differences. Our goal is to support inclusive programmes and projects that bring together people with different experiences and backgrounds, representing the community we serve.

The One Community Foundation Board and executive team recognise that we are not as diverse as we could be; as part of the One Community's continued commitment to promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we are actively seeking to diversify our membership.

Why is this important? Our grants panels are made up of members, community partners and donors (individuals and representatives of corporate donors). This commitment to diversifying our membership ensures that there is space at the table for everyone and not just those who fit into one particular group of people and will broaden the inclusion of voices that may be underrepresented in our decision-making.

In 2020 our most extensive grants programme was the Corona Virus Response Fund. A review of the grants awarded from this fund to date has been undertaken. We have looked at our data and identified where organisations applying to the Coronavirus Fund had self-identified that the grant will support communities experiencing racial inequity. So far, 22.6% of our Coronavirus emergency funding has been awarded directly to communities experiencing racial inequity. In Kirklees, communities experiencing racial inequity communities make up 20.9% of the population. Further reviews of our funding will be conducted at regular intervals.

We are committed to building on the work undertaken during the Corona Virus Crisis, to reach out in particular to communities experiencing racial inequity. We will continue to increase our efforts to publicise the funding we have available, including specific webinars for communities experiencing racial inequity and similarly underrepresented community organisations, explaining the application process and offering additional support.